Monday, May 2, 2011

Steve Ausherman: "After the Rain"

Steve Ausherman: "After the Rain": "'After the Rain' New Orleans, Louisiana by Steve Ausherman 2008"

Sitting with a bunch of tired teenagers on park benches eating beignets outside a cafe on a rainy night in New Orleans. I have hot chocolate and these deep fried pastries rolling around in my belly. The night is dynamic with storm clouds passing through and the noises of the city around us. Taxi horns mix with the shadows of trees and the walkways glisten with fallen rain. I am snapping away in the darkness, trying to find the poetry of the place with images measured in slow shutter speeds and passing tourists. A juggler holds a position on the sidewalk performing. The March air breathes a hint of the summer humidity that lies just around the corner. Kids and cameras. Fatigue and city night.

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