Sunday, September 26, 2010

Working in the Studio with My Students

"Green Animal Ballet" by Steve Ausherman

students create amidst rolls of paper and hot lamps.
                                               hands twist focus rings and adjust aperture settings. 
eyes squint in the darkness of viewfinders.
                                               still life objects clutter tabletops.
the darkened classroom transformed into a creative cave.
                                               kids strain and laugh, compose and pose.
dust illuminated in the heat of lamp light.
                                               kids on the brink of adulthood still hanging on.
objects of childhood still litter their photographs like promises.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Aush:

    I just thought I would tell you that this is one of my favorite pieces on your site (second place goes to the sign with the falling cow, for sheer whimsy). I thought about it for awhile and decided it was because of that light. It's such a huge, dark object, dominating the foreground, and something about that really lets my imagination play with it. Is it rising? Is it falling? Is it moving forward? Is it some kind of void, waiting to swallow up the shoes, the girl, and the little green animal? Who knows. So many lines lead right back to the light, too, which reinforces the notion that the light is important or has weight to it. It might be an inconsequential object, but it becomes a secondary subject within the photograph.

    So there's my opinion. I love being able to see your work, especially up close. When you have another opening or show, please let me know. I'll definitely be there.
    Kaitlin Bone